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Most high school athletes do. The love of sports has become engrained into your psyche and your habits lead you to the court or the field each day. The adrenaline is a daily reminder of the rush you feel during competition and training. And then, as you graduate from high school, and your adult life is just beginning, it all ends suddenly. No more competitive sports. Not quite what you envisioned or wanted, but a reality none the less.

"According to recent statistics, less than 2% of high school athletes will earn an athletic scholarship (100% paid for). This small number means that student athletes and their parents need to have realistic expectations about receiving an athletic scholarship to play college sports. Academics, not athletics is the best way to receive money for college."

This book has been written to provide guidance, experiences and insight regarding the College Recruiting Process. We have researched hundreds of Recruiting Books and websites. We have talked to over 1,000 College Coaches. This book has been researched, tested and validated by a team of dozens of college coaches in order to insure accuracy.

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COLLEGE COACHES CONNECTION® is a group of current and former College Coaches that scout, evaluate and work with serious high school athletes to attain athletic scholarships that want legitimate college sports recruiting opportunities. We have had 100% of the athletes that work with us in our mentoring program receive multiple college sports recruitment opportunities. College Coaches Connection® is the only sports recruiting organization in the entire country that has been conceived, built and is operated exclusively by College Coaches.

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